Thanks to our in-house manufacturing process, Quadro Frames is able to supply both complete frames and individual components for all of your project requirements. 

Molding Kits

Profile 375

Profile 980

Profile 970

Molding kits include only moldings and corner clips, and do not include backing or glazing panels. This allows for greater customization in situations where specialty glazing or backing is required (e.g. archival quality, UV-proof glass, etc.) and is sourced from alternate vendors, or in situations where the item being framed is mounted and or has thickness, and therefore does not require panels. Quadro Frames offers molding kits in our primary three styles: Profile 375, Profile 980, and Profile 970. All three styles feature:

  • Side loading molding system with high precision miters.
  • Concealed corner clips produce perfect corner joints.
  • Easy assembly & dis-assembly in seconds – no tools required!
  • Multiple hanging options
  • Multiple backing and glazing options
  • The possibility of adding bevel cut mattes

Panel Products


  • 1/8″ Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • 1/16″ Cream Matboard
  • Foam Core (optional)
  • Corrugated (optional)


  • 2mm. Float Glass (ground and polished edges)
  • 0.035″ Clear PETC Plastic
  • 0.035″ Anti-Glare PETC Plastic
  • Acrylic (special order)


All picture frame components are available for purchase separately. This includes Profile-style corner clips, stainless steel clip frame clips, Profile 375 easels, and clip frame easels.