Profile970 Frames

Assembly & Dis-Assembly Instructions

Assembly Video

Assembly Instructions

Step 1

Locate and Moldings and Corner Clips (4 per frame)


Step 2

The corner clips slide into back of moldings, as per the arrows in the image below. Note the orientation of the corner clips


Step 3

Push the corner clips until the round tab snaps into position:


Step 4

Install two corner clips on either only the short moldings or only the long moldings (not both long and short):


Step 5

Assemble 3 sides of the frame snapping into the corner clips.


Step 6

Push the moldings as per the arrows below, until the corner clips snap into position:


Step 7

Slide the backing/artwork/glazing into the front channel of the frame moldings, and continue sliding until the artwork is surrounded by moldings on three sides: 


Step 8

Install the last molding, ensuring that the corner clips fully lock into the moldings:


Step 9

Assembly is complete!


Dis-Assembly Instructions

Step 1

Slightly push down on tabs on each of the two opposite corner clips to unlock the clips from the moldings [1], while simultaneously pushing up on the molding to open the frame [2]:


Step 2

Dis-assemble remaining moldings and clips in a similar manner, as required.

Questions? Feel free to contact us with any comments, concerns, or problems with assembly and disassembly!