Option 1 : Direct Hanging


Hang the frame from 2 nails or screws in the wall, or using our STAS cable hanging system.

The fasteners should be spaced to pick up the back channel of the TOP moulding in the vicinity of the corners, as shown.

The fasteners must be accurately leveled for proper display.

When using our STAS track hanging system, two hooks can be used to hang the frame from these corner locations.

It is not recommended to center hang these frames as the mouldings may bow over time.

Option 2 : Wire Hanging


Profile970 frames can be hung with suitable framing wire (not included with frame kits).

If the span is not too wide the wire can be strung through the circular holes on the corner clips as shown.

For longer spans, it is possible to drill small holes in the back flanges on two opposite side mouldings as shown.

The holes should be a sufficient distance from the top of the frame to ensure the wire will not protrude from the top when hanging.

String the wire through the holes and twist to form secure loops. The wire should be properly rated to carry the weight of the frame being hung.



Adjust the length of wire with the loops to ensure the wire will not protrude from the top when hanging.

This method is ideally suited to display using our STAS track hanging system.